Describe the Theme of Madness in King Lear.

Describe the Theme of Madness in King Lear.

1 Answer

  1. King Lear has a unique portrayal of madness through its three characters specifically; Poor Tom (Edgar), The Fool and King Lear himself.

    The natural eccentricity of the court Fool of Lear, the pretended madness of Poor Tom and the ageing mind of Lear himself bring an interesting analysis of human condition of madness and insanity.

    Through the three characters, Shakespeare is able to provide greater understanding of the complexity of human emotion and thought, from its best to its worst.

    These flaws in thoughts, perception of reality etc are so powerful in exposing the social ignorance of madness itself. This also critics he treatment of people with such issues. Instead of helping them and understanding their struggles with real and false, the society often relegated them as unworthy and unfit.

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