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Write a note on setting of the poem john brown

Write a note on setting of the poem john brown

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  1. “John Brown” written  by Bob Dylan is an anti-war poem. The poem starts with the protagonist, John Brown getting ready to go to war “on a foreign shore.” His mother is feeling very proud to see her son “straight and tall in his uniform and all.” She says to John Brown that it prides her to know that her son will hold a gun and fight valiantly in the war. She tells him to obey all order of the captains as that way he will get “lots of medals.” John Brown’s train pulls out and his mother shouts to everyone to let them know that his son is off to the war. Occasionally she gets a letter from her son and “her face broke into a smile.” But then the letters stopped coming for “ten months or more.” One day, John Brown’s mother receives a letter telling that her son is coming home from the war. Excited, she goes down to the station to meet her son but once she sees him, she is unable to recognize her own child. John Brown’s face is all shot up and he whispered in a voice which is not known to his mother. When his mother inquires about his whereabouts, John Brown explicitly explains the horrors of the war. He tells his mother that she wasn’t standing in his shoes fighting another human being. She was sitting at home, acting proud and waiting for the medals. At the end, when John Brown turns to walk, he brings his mother close and drops the desired medals of his mother into her hands.

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