Write a note on My Grandmother’s House themes

Write a note on My Grandmother’s House themes

2 Answers

  1. Following are the main themes in the poem My Grandmother’s House

    1. Recollection from past(nostalgia) – The major theme of the poem is reminiscing about one’s childhood. The poet is in disagreement with her present and is trying to console herself by looking back at her childhood when she was living with her grandmother.
    2. Need for love – The speaker here describes her time with grandmother as the time when she was loved and proud of it. A person’s constant need for love and its varying degree of disappointment is displayed here through a personal instant of the poet’s childhood.
    3. Despair – The speaker here is in despair because she feels like she has lost her way. Earlier, she must have been too certain of herself but now she begs for love at stranger’s door and they are not at all like her grandmother.

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