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Who are the main playwrights of the twentieth century drama

Who are the main playwrights of the twentieth century drama

1 Answer

  1. The twentieth century drama mainly based on some tendencies
    1. Realistic drama- one group of damas shows the daily life of ordinary people in a realistic way. They often contain social and political criticism.John Galsworthy in his play like strif and justice discribe social and political evils with great sympathy for the people who hopeless and helpless suffer them. George Bernard Shaw also wrote about this poin of view.
    2. Search of identity- The second group of drama is related to individual’s search for identity in an unfriendly outside world, and the fear and difficulty of communication with others.Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter show their poin of view
    about this.
    3. Drama with language for witty and comic effect- In such dramas, the language is used not only the feeling and belief of character,but also used for a witty or comic effect to contrast with the seriousness of the theme. The dramatist of this group are Oscar Wilde, Joe Orton and Tom Stoppard.
    The main dramatist of twentieth century are John Galsworthy, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, Oscar Wilde and Joe Orton and Tom Stoppard.

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