where and how did mr. klausner experiment his invention?

where and how did mr. klausner experiment his invention?

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    Klausner carried out the first experiment in his own garden.

    Klausner carried the machine, with some difficulty, into the garden. He connected his earphones and then pressed a switch on its front. Then he turned on the volume control and his right hand on the knob that moved a needle across a large central dial, like the wavelength dial of a radio. At first there was a crackling sound and while listening to it, he saw his neighbor, Mrs Saunders out in her garden with a basket and a pair of scissors to cut some flowers. As he listened, he became conscious of a curious sensation, a feeling that his ears was connected to his head by a thin stiff wire, like a tentacle, and that the wires were lengthening slowly towards a forbidden territory. And then he heard a shriek, a frightful piercing shriek and he jumped up but there was no one around him apart from the woman in the garden next door, who was bending low and cutting yellow roses. Again it came- a throat less, inhuman shriek, sharp and short, very clear and cold. Klausner could understand the source of the sound was coming from the plants. He asked Mrs Saunders to cut one more rose and through his machine, he heard the sound again. It seemed as if each rose that Mrs Saunders cut, screamed in the most terrible way.

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