What was Klausner hypothesis about sound?

What was Klausner hypothesis about sound?

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    According to Klausner, the human ear actually can’t hear everything. Any sounds that are so low-pitched or so high-pitched that one can’t hear it at all whereas a dog can. And up the scale, higher than the vibration of that a whistle, there is another vibration and it keeps going on, an endless succession of vibrations as far as the numbers go, which is infinity. There is a whole world of sound about human all the time that we cannot hear. It is possible that up there in those high-pitched inaudible regions there is a new exciting music being made, with subtle harmonies and fierce grinding discords, powerful enough to drive humans mad if they could hear it. So he has made a machine that can prove him the existence of many odd inaudible sounds. The machine has been designed to pick up sound vibrations that are too high-pitched for reception by the human ear and to convert them to a scale of audible tones.

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