What literary devices are used in Dover Beach?

What literary devices are used in Dover Beach?

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    Following literary devices have been used in the poem, “Dover Beach”:-

    1. Metaphor:- it refers to any word or expression that in literal usage denotes one kind of thing applied to a distinctly different kind of thing without asserting a comparison. For example, “sea of faith” in the poem acts as a metaphor for religious faith.

    2. Simile:- it is used to draw a comparison using words like ‘like’ or/and ‘as.’ For example, the poet signifies human civilization when he says “like the folds of a bright girdle furled.”

    3. Alliteration:- it is the lyrical musicality of the poem since it refers to the repetition of a speech sound in a sequence of nearby words. Over here it occurs when the speaker says “Ah, love, let us be true.”

    4. Allusion:- it is the reference to other cultures or works in either prose or poetry. I’m this poem, allusion has been made to the Greek tragic dramatist, Sophocles.

    5. Pathetic Fallacy:- it is used when human qualities or emotions are attributed to inanimate objects. The poet applies pathetic fallacy while describing the sea to make it human-like by giving it the ability to have emotions; “eternal note of sadness.”

    6. Anaphora:- is when words or phrases are repeated at the beginning of each sentences or stanzas. For example, “…neither joy, nor love, not light,/ nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain.”

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