What is the theme of the poem Where the Mind is Without Fear?

What is the theme of the poem Where the Mind is Without Fear?

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  1. Following are the main themes in the poem Where The Mind Is Without Fear:

    • Desire for Freedom

    This poem was written during the pre-independence era when British were ruling over India. During those days, the struggle movement for freedom was quite strong. Hence the poet brings in the spirit of this movement in the poem. The very first line talks about fearlessness.

    • Desire for Unity

    Next, the poet talks about unity, fraternity and oneness. According to the poet, the society has been fragmented into small parts. There is discrimination on the basis of colour, religion, language, area etc. This division does not allow the country to grow and prosper. Hence he prays for unification of India.

    • Desire for Rationality

    The poem prays that society may give up believing on superstitions and illogical things. He desires that people should have rational and thinking mind. People may believe in logic and reason and never pave a way for blind faiths.

    • Desire for a Society Free from Evils

    Finally, the poet also talks about various evils which prevail in the society. e.g. people keep lying to each other, they become hopeless because of the blind faiths, they never think of making progress. Hence he desires that society should be free from all these evils.

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