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What is the theme of the poem trees by Adrienne Rich?

What is the theme of the poem trees by Adrienne Rich?

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  1. There are two themes based on the interpretation of the poem.

    • Theme of Freedom (As a Nature Poem)

    First, if we talks about this poem as the poem of nature, we find that it supports the freedom and liberation of trees from the clutches of human beings. According to the poet, humans have taken away the freedom of trees by taking them in their homes and growing there. They have been separated from their original home i.e. forest.

    However now that they are a part of strong movement, they are going back to their home (forest) and the poet seems to be quite happy with their departure. She does not mention this departure in her writings but still she is happy with them.

    • Feminism, Lesbianism, Women Emancipation

    When we go through the words several times, we find that the poem is not about nature and trees but about the women and their slavery in the patriarchal world. They are forced to live in the four walls of the home. They are made to believe that these four walls are their homes.

    However, the women have been enlightened (because of emergence of feminism). They are now coming out of this prison and going to the outer world which is their ultimate destination. The poet seems to be happy about their departure from four walls. However she does not take part in the movement.

    Women are weak, yet they keep struggling without stopping. They break the glass of patriarchy and finally succeed in coming out. They are now free. The norms of the society have been changed now.

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