What is the theme of the poem Custard the Dragon?

What is the theme of the poem Custard the Dragon?

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  1. The theme of the poem is that everyone has his own capabilities and should never be judged on the basis of his appearance. In the poem, Belinda and all pets she owns boast about their bravery. Belinda is as strong as barrel full of bears, Ink and Blink were brave and fearless enough to chase down lions down the stairs and Mustard considered itself as brave as an angry tiger.

    However Custard never boasted about its might and power and instead always cried for nice and safe cage. Hence Belinda and all her pets used to make joke of Custard. They would tease him mercilessly and call him bad names. But Custard never reacted and rather accepted what they said.

    But, when the pirate attacks the house of Belinda, all the so-called brave animals run away to save their lives though Belinda keeps crying for help. At this time, Custard comes forward at once and faces the pirate. The pirate tries to kill him by firing bullets. However they do not hit him and Custard eats him up.

    The story tells us that we should never judge a person on the basis of his looks or what others say about him. Every person is unique and capable in his own way.

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