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What is the theme of the poem an ode to death?

What is the theme of the poem an ode to death?

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  1. The central theme of the poem revolves around the inevitable concept of death and dying. Death is a part of life and there is no substitute for that. The poet however adds that death is not as mystic as it seems. It can be understood through life itself. One shouldn’t avoid death, rather should try to understand it and accept it to attain the pinnacle of life. Kamal also points out that it’s not just humans who are subjected to death but all things in this world endure a temporary life span. The temporality of life is handed down to each and every materialistic thing as well. They might not have the same idea of death but they all have a limited shelf span. Kamal warns his readers through this idea that everything will be destroyed. Nothing lasts forever except for death. Death is the ultimate end to all things, irrespective of their timeline. Kamal makes use of several images and symbols to place death as a permanent thing and that one shouldn’t pry away from it. 

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