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What is the Theme of Abou Ben Adhem?

What is the Theme of Abou Ben Adhem?

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  1. The main theme of the poem Abou Ben Adhem by James Henry Leigh Hunt is “Importance of Love for Mankind”. The poet, in this poem, describes a small encounter between Abou Ben Adhem and an Angel of God who appears before the former in the dead of night.

    Abou Ben Adhem comes to know that his name is not in the book that contains the names of all those who love God. Rather than asking the angel why his name is not in that book, he requests him to inscribe his name in those who love other human beings.

    The next day the angel again appears before Abou Ben Adhem and tells him that his name is on the top of those who love God. Thus according to the poet, those are the best people who love other human beings. To become the beloved of God, one should love mankind which is the creation of God.

    By loving God’s creation, we will be loving God. The poem encourages us to spread love and fraternity in the world which is the best way to live life as well as the afterlife. In Islam, serving God is known as Khidmat-e-Khalq which is considered to be the most pious deed.

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