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What is the message of the poem Life by Henry Van Dyke?

What is the message of the poem Life by Henry Van Dyke?

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  1. Henry Van Dyke is one of the greatest American short story writers and poets, who has excelled in the act of writing delicately soothing and infallibly inspiring poems and the poem ‘Life’ is undoubtedly one of his literary gems. This poem describes life taking on life in its truest form, an adventure.

    The poet wants to live a joyful and fearless life. He neither wants to hurry nor moves away from his goal. He does not want to mourn the things that he has lost. He does not hold back for fear of the future. He wants to live his life with a whole and happy heart which cheerfully travels with him from the youth to old age.

    Therefore, it does not matter to him whether the path goes up or down the hill, rough or smooth, the journey will be looking ahead. He will continue to seek what he wanted as a boy – new friendship, high adventure, and a crown (fame). His heart will remain courageous and pursue his desires. He hopes that every turn in his life’s journey will be the best.

    This poem as an apogee of soulful embarkment on the quest of self-revival from the morose beats of dullness has a very deep and clairvoyant meaning held within it and this is evident from the very beginning of it.

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