What is the message of the poem How to Tell Wild Animals?

What is the message of the poem How to Tell Wild Animals?

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  1. The message and moral of the poem How to Tell Wild Animals is that one can identify the animals and differentiate among them by watching them how they eat us. e.g. an animal roaring while killing us is Bengali Lion, while an animal with yellow skin and dark spots on it is Leopard.  Next an animal which would kill us by hugging us tightly is bear.

    An inexperienced person can distinguish between hyena and crocodile by watching them. One which smiles is hyena while the one which has tears in its eyes is crocodile. Finally, she tells difference between chameleon and lizard. According to her chameleon can change its colours and become invisible.

    Read summary of this poem.

  2. The message we get from this poem is that everyone has right to enjoy and live their own life. Like in this poem animals are kept in the zoo and people are coming and teasing them can you imagine for just living in a room for only one day..no, you can’t live there as you will feel suffocated and you will also wish to go outside likewise in this poem animals are also desiring to go outside and enjoy there own life…Everyone on this earth are born freely whether they are we human beings, animals or anything. We don’t have any right to steal someone’s freedom..We should let everyone to enjoy their life..

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