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What is the central theme of the poem wandering singers?

What is the central theme of the poem wandering singers?

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  1. The whole poem is about the life of wandering singers who do not have hopes or dreams. If we read it for the first time, it will appear to be a poem written in the appreciation of the wandering singers. However if we go deep, we find that the poem has a deep and profound theme. There are mainly two themes:

    Universal Brotherhood

    The first theme which I found in this poem is the concept of fraternity and universal brotherhood. The wandering singers are giving the message of love because wars bring disasters. By singing “The sword of old battles, the crown of old kings”, wandering singers tell us that those who hated others and created their rule by wars and battles also died. All their kingdoms were ruined.

    Our life on earth is too short. By diving ourselves into the borders, we are doing wrong. We are social animals and thus we should live like a family instead of dividing ourselves in the countries.

    Worldly Things are Useless

    The other theme which we find in this poem is the uselessness of worldly things and the desire for achieving them. In the poem, the wandering singers sing about “cities whose lustre is shed” which means all these worldly things do not live forever. One day their glory is bound to go.

    Those who desire for worldly things become greedy. They forget that these things do not remain forever. Hence, we should live our life rather than having desire for acquiring worldly things.

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