What is the central idea of the poem The Bees?

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  1. ‘The Bees,’ is a marvellous creation of the greatest English poet named William Shakespeare. Here the poet gives a vivid description of the bees’ kingdom in a lyrical form through which we came to know that the life of an insect is not that simple the way we think. If we notice their living standard, we can see that they have an organized life. They also have some rules and laws. They also have to maintain discipline in order to run their life. In this poem, the poet observed that in the beehives, there are different classes of bees engaged in diverse works such as magistrates’ bees who do the corrective work, merchant bees collect honey, soldier bees protect their hives, and the king who observes the work of every day including masons’ bees who build the hives. There are other working groups who do their job within due diligence. The lives of bees are organized in an ordered way. They naturally learned the art of order. Though they are insects, they have the capability to teach humans the art of order.

    The Bees Summary

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