What is the Central idea of the poem Keeping Quiet?

What is the Central idea of the poem Keeping Quiet?

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  1. The central idea of the poem Keeping Quiet is to keep silence for a moment and do nothing. Instead, introspect ourselves and understand what we are doing. The poet asks us to stop wars, hate, pollution, killing of animals and hurting ourselves and spare some time to go deep into the soul.

    Silence is the universal language and hence as there will be no language barrier we all will be one, we won’t have greed and hate. There will be unity and fraternity. The poet believes this this silence will change our perspective and thinking because it does not mean inactivity but patience like the nature.

  2. In this poem, Pablo Neruda has emphasised the importance of introspection. Man has become very selfish and his own action cause him many miseries. The world today stands divided by the man made boundries of caste, creed, race, religion, language, culture, nationality and geographical division.We need to rise above these small issues and lock at the larger picture. The poet talks about the necessity of cresting a feeling of mutual understanding among human beings and discusses the need of maintaining peace.

  3. The poem “Keeping Quiet” celebrates silence because we are so occupied in our worldly lives that we forget that there is a life that is meant to be enjoyed. Hence the poet asks us to stop, take a breath and thus see the world in a different way.

  4. The poem keeping quiet is composed by Pablo Naroda. In this poem the poet asks all human beings to stop all the world’s activity for a while he stresses on spending a few moments in quiet introspection will be away from some chaos and trouble in the world. We are in trouble because we always make a hurry in doing any work stillness does not mean utter activities it can bring together a feeling of understanding, peace, and tranquility in the troubled world.

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