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What is the central idea of the poem Amanda?

What is the central idea of the poem Amanda?

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  1. The central idea of the poem Amanda is that the parents who do not understand the nature of their children. They keep giving commands to their children. They want them (their children) adopt the norms of society.

    This has adverse impact on the upbringing of the children. Amanda seems to be escaping in the beginning, however in the end she stops imagining and rather becomes short-tempered, moody and angry.

    Read summary of this poem.

  2. Robin Klein plays with the notions of parents and children by using Amanda and her parent as an example to tickle their pride and prejudice.

    The parent is considered as a nagging personality by Amandas of the world when the parent tries hard to make his/her prodigy fit for the society, health and hygiene norms, and disciplined for life. Amanda represents those teens who pay no heed to the words of wisdom from their parents and teachers and live in an imaginary world of a mermaid, a Rapunzel or an orphan where no adult is their to instruct them or be a hindrance in so called immature wirld of freedom without realising that freedom comes with responsibility.

    On the other hand parents are cautioned about the adverse effects of their wistful style of parenting because of a hostile next generation teens or youngsters who tend to withdraw themselves to achieve their ultimate goal to live in a virtually free or reel world rather than living in a real or pragmatic world.

    The central idea of the poem is to make the parents and children think about their obnoxious behaviour which Robin Klein indeed achieves.

  3. This poem is written by one of the famous poet ROBIN KLEIN . Who wants to symbolise the impact of parents nagging in the life of small child. They wanted to make their children mentally and physicall strong and to behave well in the society at the small age which is physically imposible task for parents.

    Here AMANDA is very anaxiou due to her mother’s nagging in all her work. She followed her mother’s tempetation for while but after sometime she seems to be neglecting her mother’s word and become so anxious ,pity and nagged.

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