What are the reasons of the rise of the english novel?

What are the reasons of the rise of the english novel?

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  1. There were several reasons which led to the rise of English Novel. Some of these reasons are as follows:

    1. Decline of Drama: After industrial revolution, there was mass urbanisation and people got too busy to read long dramas which was the first reason for the rise of novel.
    2. Rise of Middle Class: Due to rise in trade and commerce in 18th century, the middle class came into existence. This class was rejected by high-class writers. Novelists gave voice to them and hence it became a popular genre.
    3. Newspaper and Magazine: Middle class was interested in reading newspapers and magazine. Romantic novels and tragedies were well-liked by them. Many novelists started publishing such novels in parts (in newspapers).
    4. Women: Women novelists also came into limelight. They started producing novels which were read by other women of middle class society.
    5. Periodical Essays: Periodical Essays by Addison and Steel laid the foundation of 18th century novel. These essays were read with great interest by the middle class and people developed taste in domestic and social novels which were mentioned in the periodical essays.

    Read this article for detailed notes.

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