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What are the poetic devices used in the poem Talking in Their Sleep?

What are the poetic devices used in the poem Talking in Their Sleep?

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    • Personification:

    Personification is a poetic device where animals, plants or even inanimate objects are given human qualities. The poet has personified the apple tree, grass, and flower. The poet has made them express their thoughts by speaking.

    • Anaphora:

    Anaphora is a literary device that uses the repetition of short phrases or single words at the beginning of clauses or sentences to enhance rhythm. This device occurs in the first stanza.

    Because I have never a leaf to show—

       Because I stoop,

       And my branches droop,

    And the dull gray mosses over me grow!

    The third and fourth lines of the first stanza begin with the phrase “Because”. On the other hand the next two lines begin with the phrase “And”.

    • Repetition:

    Repetition is a literary device where a certain word or phrase is repeated multiple times to emphasise the word or to create a rhythm.

    The poet has used a  similar structure to introduce his three characters in the poem. This device can be found in the first line of each stanza

    “You think I am dead,”

    Similar to the first line, the following line is repeated in the last lines of the first two stanzas.

    But I pity…”

    • Refrain:

    The poet has used refrain in the first line of each stanza. Each section begins with the line,

    “You think I am dead,”

    • Metaphor:

    Metaphor is a literary device where two unrelated objects are compared to each other.

    This device can be seen in the following lines.

    With the snow’s thick blanket over me laid.

    The poet has compared  the thick layer of snow to a blanket.

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