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What are the poetic devices used in the poem An Ode to Death?

What are the poetic devices used in the poem An Ode to Death?

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    1. Metaphor: “And in every particle of carbon dust/There lives a diamond dream,” “how many galaxies yet to be explored,” “The pine tree blasted by last year’s thunderbolt…look so terribly alike.” A figure of speech to describe an object or an action by making a comparison of ideas. These lines help compare the ideas of trivial aspects in life with the larger than life picture that is death. The poet wants to say no matter whether all dreams result in success or not, just like all carbon molecules don’t constitute in the making of a diamond, similarly death doesn’t look into a person’s achievement before claiming them. No matter how big or small a life is like that of a pine tree or a matchstick, everyone and everything will meet the same end.
    2. Imagery: “I have sat by your bedside…dissolve in the grave.” A figure of speech using various images, actions, ideas to appeal to the physical senses.  This entire part depicts the final thoughts or laments of a dying person. The poet has glanced deep into a dying person’s soul to reflect the pessimism one has and how helpless and hopeless they feel at approaching death.
    3. Alliteration: “But let bygones be bygones” Repetition of the first consonant in following words to provide a sense of the same sound. The letter ‘b’ has been repeated in this line for almost all of the words which looks like an alliteration.

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