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Short Story of Frog and Nightingale by Vikram Seth goes as follows. A frog in the jungle keeps croaking the whole night. The animals are quite irritated because of its ugly and noisy croaking. They try a lot but fail to make the frog stop the noise. The frog, on the other hand, having full confidence itself keeps the animals awake in the night.
One day a nightingale visits the jungle and starts living there. Her voice is quite sweet and even the frog stops croaking to listen to it. One day frog meets nightingale and finding that the latter lacks self-confidence, frog talks high about himself and offers to help him sing sweeter.
He also starts charging for tuitions to the nightingale. Doing this the frog earns a reputed status in the jungle. Nightingale soon makes herself better but loses the happiness that it once had.
As the frog gets more jealous of the nightingale, it makes the latter to practice more. Ultimately, nightingale dies one day and the frog starts croaking again. 
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