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Write an Essay on lady macbeth imagery. 1Alex Shelley Staff asked 5 months ago
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Write an Essay on lady macbeth imagery. 2Zeeshan Ali answered 4 months ago

Lady Macbeth is an antithesis to usual feminine characters as she wants to remove herself from traits like sensitivity, compassion, affection and regard. Only thing she wants to invest in is a single-minded and selfish pursuit of political power.
Her use of words like bashing a babe;s head or asking the divine to turn her blood thick (devoid of sentiments and care) also reveal a hate for motherly instincts and love. She is driven by ambition and years for more masculine traits of aggression, toughness and even cold-hearted resolve. In some ways, her image is in line with the three witches who also use manipulation and rhetoric to enable Macbeth in his murderous spree for the crown of Scotland.