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Write a note on theme of "Nothing" in King Lear 1Mohammad Danish asked 4 months ago
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Write a note on theme of "Nothing" in King Lear 2Zeeshan Ali answered 4 months ago

Nothing is a pervasive in King Lear. ‘Nothing will come of nothing’ is Lear’s advise to Cordelia, asking her to plead her case for inheritance by waxing lyrical about him. She does nothing of the sorts and gets nothing in return. On the other hand the praise of Goneril and Regan for their father, in reality, is nothing. Their plan to usurp power ends in nothing. Lear is told by his fool that he is nothing without his crown. After Cordelia’s death, Lear realizes the nothingness of existence. Gloucester’s blindness exposes him to a dark world of nothingness. Therefore, even after schemes of greed and acts of goodness, the entire sum comes out to be nothing or a whole lot of empty.