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Write a Note on "Dust of Snow" Analysis 2Admin Staff answered 2 months ago

The poem “Dust of Snow” written by Robert Frost describes how superstitions and blind-faiths can be misleading. for us. In the poem, the poet encounters three important things which are considered to be signs of the worst. The crow which is black in colour and a scavenger, is considered to be the sign of doom and trouble.
On the other hand, the hemlock tree is a poisonous tree and s considered to be dangerous of human life. It is thus again a sign of doom. The third thing is the dust. The dust reminds us of the dead body, as believed in most of the religions that humans will become dust.
Now if one encounters all these bad-omens simultaneously, it would be his worst or even the last day of his life. However for the poet they are the things which made his day which was previously boring. Thus we should change our perceptions regarding the things around us to live a better life.
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