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Why is literature important? 1Poonam Sharma asked 9 months ago

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Why is literature important? 2Admin Staff answered 6 months ago

Literature means the reflection of society. Hence it helps us understanding the society, its culture, habits, beliefs, customs and traditions. e.g. Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer gives an insight into the 14th-century society, class structure, corruption, crusades etc. Similarly, a number of texts like Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie give an insight into the racial discrimination in America. Without literature, we cannot become wise.

Why is literature important? 3Daniel P. Lynch answered 6 months ago

Literature catches the spirit of mankind, it records the structure of civilisations, in any case, whether they are fiction or genuine we could learn numerous ethical exercises through the understanding of artistic works, and it is increasingly down to earth and we would rehearse the exercises in our day by day lives.