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What is Confessional Poetry? 1Poonam Sharma asked 8 months ago

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What is Confessional Poetry? 2Admin Staff answered 7 months ago

Confessional Poetry is a genre of Poetry which focuses on the person himself/herself. In other words, it is a poem which is about ‘I’. In Confessional Poetry, the poet describes himself, his good and bad experiences, his physche, the truama which he has suffered and undergone and the way he lives or sees the world and the people around.

The topics of a confessional poetry may range from his childhood experiences to his illness, sexuality and the desire for suicide. Confessional Poetry emerged in United States during 1950s.

In India Kamala Das is considered to be the poineer of Confessional Poetry. Her poems like An Introduction, The Looking Glass, Words, The Old Playhouse etc are all confessional poems in which she describes her painful experiences as a woman and as also as a supressed wife.

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