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What are the Themes in "Charge of the Light Brigade"? 2Admin Staff answered 4 months ago

Following are the main themes in the poem Charge of the Light Brigade –

  • Loyalty and Patriotism

As we know that this poem is less about mourning and more about appreciating the loyalty of the British soldiers. They knew well that their leader has mistakenly commanded the brigade to charge towards the enemy because the latter was quite stronger with superior weapons. Yet rather than thinking rationally, the soldiers marched towards the enemies and attacked them. The whole poem celebrates their loyalty and patriotism. This is why the poem calls them “noble six hundred” in the end of the poem.

  • Courage

The second important theme is the courage of those sis hundred soldiers. They didn’t fear from death and marched boldly. The poet explains how they were trapped between the cannons yet they fought bravely. 

  • Mourning

Though the poem celebrates the sacrifice of those brave soldiers, yet the poet  expresses his grief over the deaths of a number of them. Even most of the Britishers wept over their deaths.
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