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what are the elements of drama? 1Poonam Sharma asked 7 months ago

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what are the elements of drama? 2Admin Staff answered 7 months ago

There are mainly 6 elements of drama. They include:

  1. Theme: It refers to the idea which the dramatist wants to convey to the people.
  2. Plot: It refers to major events that take place in the drama which are in interrelated sequence.
  3. Characterization: It refers to nature and features of the characters that play role in the play.
  4. Setting: It refers to the time and location in the play. e.g. A Midsummer Night’s Dream in set in Forest and the time is mostly the day.
  5. Language: It refers to what and how the actor expresses his ideas. It can be in simple form or poetic form.
  6. Music: It helps in revealing the inner emotions of a character. e.g. sad music is played in background when a character is sorrowful.

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