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Theme of Poem on His Blindness by John Milton 1Imran saeed asked 8 months ago
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Theme of Poem on His Blindness by John Milton 2Admin Staff answered 8 months ago

The poem On His Blindness written by John Milton is a sonnet which is autobiogrpahical in nature. The poet, in this poem expresses his regret and grief as he was gifted with the talent of poetry and this was the way by which he wanted to serve God, but he lost his eye-sight and now he cannot serve Him.

At this point he is afraid of the Day of Judgement. However, he comforts himself by saying that God does not need the work of man. Those who are patient and bear their problems serve him the best.

Finally he accepts his fate by citing the example of angels (as mentioned in Bible) who do nothing. They also serve who just stand and wait. And thus like those angels he is also serving God.

The poem shows poet’s acceptance of his blindness and his inability to write poety. The poem gives the message that one should accept the condition in which God keeps him. Being patient is the best way to serve God.

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