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Kubla Khan Last Stanza Analysis 2Admin Staff answered 7 months ago

The final stanza of the poem Kubla Khan by ST Coleridge is about the willing suspension of disbelief. The poet sees in the dream, a damsel (a virgin girl) with dulcimer (a musical instrument) who belongs to Abyssinia (She is Black) and is playing for Mount Abora. 

According to the poet, the symphony and song of her musical instrument are so charming that he desires to revive it in himself. And using it he would be able to build Kubla Khan’s dome in the air (i.e.in imaginations) that will have those caves of ice.

Those who would see him building imaginations will cry that he has drunk the milk of paradise i.e. he has achieved the supreme happiness that an ordinary person cannot achieve. The lines are quite symbolic as they depict the power of imaginations and how a poet can achieve anything in them.

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