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In what ways might a myth be true 1Poonam Sharma asked 8 months ago

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In what ways might a myth be true 2Admin Staff answered 8 months ago

Myth means an old traditional tale or story which usually has supernatural activities and events. A myth is scientifically wrong as it is mostly without any solid proof.

However a myth can be true as well. e.g. we may have heard myth of advanced technology during the Harappan Civilization. Now it has been scientifically proved that Harappans were quite advanced in science and technology. Similarly, we have heard about the Great Flood in ancient times in Bible and Qur’an. Science also believes that long ago earth was flooded with water.

A myth in modern times is known as image building which is used by the leaders to describe themselves as superbeings or chosen one. One example is that of Kim Jong-Il of North Korea who considers himself to be God and makes other to believe so.