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Give "The Frog and The Nightingale" Character Sketch. 2Admin Staff answered 5 months ago

The Nightingale and the Frog are the protagonists of this poem. Both sing. But there is a difference of earth and sky in their traits.

  • Frog’s Character Sketch

In this poem, the frog is portrayed as proud, haughty, jealous, unskilled and quite clever. In the beginning, it irritates all the animals of the forest by croaking in the night. It never listens to the requests of the animals. When it listens to the sweet voice of the nightingale, it is stunned and gets jealous.

Feeling insecure, it plays a trick with the nightingale and makes it believe that it is the master of singing. It starts charging the nightingale for tuition classes and forces it to do overtime. Ultimately, it succeeds in regaining its lost position when the nightingale dies.

  • Nightingale’s Character Sketch

Nightingale, on the other hand, is quite skilful, sweet, shy and unconfident. With its extraordinary skills, it wins the hearts of the animals of the forest including the frog. However, the lack of confidence makes it a prey of the frog’s trick.

It takes frog’s claims as truth and starts doing what the frog says. Soon, it loses the joy of singing which it once had. As it worked too hard, it lost its life.

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