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Explain “This is Just to Say" Deeper Meaning. 1Mohammad Danish asked 5 months ago
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Explain “This is Just to Say" Deeper Meaning. 1Sajid answered 5 months ago

This is Just to Say by William Carlos Williams is a short poem which is originally a note written by a husband to her wife asking for forgiveness as he ate the plums which she had kept for breakfast. He ate them as they were tasty and he could not stop himself.

The incident can be compared with that of Adam and Eve – the first humans on Earth (according to the Bible and the Qur’an). God had warned them yet they ate the apple of the forbidden tree which led them to experience shame, guilt, death etc.

Adam and Eve knew that they should not eat that apple yet they could not resist themselves. The poet, in this sense, is describing the human nature. From Adam and Eve to the modern man, we all commit sins in spite of knowing well.

Read the summary of the poem here.

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