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Explain theme of power in Hamlet 1Mohammad Danish asked 2 months ago
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Explain theme of power in Hamlet 2Zeeshan Ali answered 2 months ago

Hamlet juxtaposes an interesting narrative of power where male characters are seen vying for power or abusing it while female characters are seen subjected and dis-empowered. Claudius is determine to hold on to political power while Polonius desires power over his daughter Ophelia and son Laertees. Hamlet understands his lack of power against Claudius but abuses his position of power against both his mother Gertrude and lover Ophelia. In the climax, both Hamlet and Laertes are seen contesting for power over the legacy of dead Ophelia claiming to love her deeply. 
Even the Norwegian king Fortinbras shows a lust for power and finally succeeds in conquering Denmark.

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