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Explain theme of death in Hamlet 1Mohammad Danish asked 2 months ago
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Explain theme of death in Hamlet 2Zeeshan Ali answered 2 months ago

The theme of death comes full circle in Hamlet. Starting with the murder of King Hamlet, the play ends with the death of the entire royal family of Denmark. Even though Prince Hamlet delays the killing of nefarious Claudius, he kills Polonius without any regret. He also goes on the kill Laertes and Claudius. Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother dies after drinking from the poisoned goblet whereas Ophelia, Hamlet’s lover commits suicide after her father’s death. Gildenstern and Rosencrantz are murdered on reaching the English shores after the escape of Hamlet from under their noses.
Throughout the play the theme of mortality and the inevitability of death is discussed through soliloquies and dialogue’s. The best example is the ‘sleep of death’ description by Hamlet in the Nunnery scene and the grave diggers’ conversation about Ophelia’s corpse.

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