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Explain theme of betrayal in Hamlet 1Mohammad Danish asked 4 months ago
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Explain theme of betrayal in Hamlet 2Zeeshan Ali answered 4 months ago

Betrayal in Hamlet is widespread. Claudius is able to betray his brother King Hamlet and obtain his kingship.  He and Polonius are betray Prince Hamlet and Ophelia.  Hamlet publicly betrays and humiliates the emotions of Ophelia and  Gertrude. Hamlets mates Reosencrantz and Gildenstern betray Hamlet to earn patronage from King Claudius. Polonius betrays his daughter by using her to lull Hamlet and trap him in his words, even though Hamlet is too intelligent to fall for the honey trap. Even Queen Gertrude can be judged to have betrayed her dead husband by marrying his murdered and brother, though she may not have had many other alternatives.