HomeCategory: Drama ForumExplain the tempest theme of forgiveness.
Explain the tempest theme of forgiveness. 1Alex Shelley Staff asked 3 months ago
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Explain the tempest theme of forgiveness. 2Zeeshan Ali answered 2 months ago

The ending of Tempest restores all the wrongdoings and mischief of the past. Prospero reclaims his dukedom and forgives his transgressors Alonso, Antonio and Caliban. He also gives up his magic and vows to devote himslef to statecraft and governance. Forgiveness is offered as the attempt for closure and progress. The culprits like Alonso and Antonio offer their remorse but Caliban is not shown to be repentant.
The royal wedding of Miranda and Ferdinand is announced to celebrate the feeling of amicable and peaceful resolution of rifts and tensions.

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