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Explain imagery in hunger by jayanta mahapatra 1Poonam Sharma asked 7 months ago

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Explain imagery in hunger by jayanta mahapatra 2Admin Staff answered 6 months ago

The poem "Hunger" by Jayanta Mahapatra is about a small incident which happened in the life of the poet. The poet explains his journey via boat on which the sailor offers his daughter to him for sex so that he may get money in return to feed himself and his daughter.

The poet uses ample of images to describe the incident. He expresses his sexual hunger as flesh which was heavy on my back. He describes the sailor’s greed, need and and appearance with words like trailing his nets and his nerves, white bone thrash his eyes, his body clawed at the froth, father’s exhausted wile

His restlessness is described as mind thumping in the flesh’s sling, Silence gripped my sleeves, sky fell on me and the surroundings are full of flickering dark

Finally he describes the girl as Long and lean, her years cold as rubber, wormy legs.

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