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Explain friendship in hamlet 1Mohammad Danish asked 2 months ago
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Explain friendship in hamlet 2Zeeshan Ali answered 2 months ago

The theme of friendship is portrayed by Horatio and Hamlet. Horatio comes to Denmark to mourn the death of his friend Hamlet’s father. He is the first person the guards inform when they see the ghost of the dead king. Hamlet also trusts him immensely and reveals the desire of seek revenge by killing the new king Claudius. Even at his final breath, Hamlet instructs Horatio to tell his story to the world which he does honorably.
In contrast, Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are examples of disloyal friends who are willing to spy on their friend Hamlet when asked by King Claudius. They eventually are murdered when they reach England while Hamlet is able to escape back to Denmark.

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