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Discuss Charles Dickens as a novelist in details. 1Ainul Hoque asked 8 months ago

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Discuss Charles Dickens as a novelist in details. 2Admin Staff answered 8 months ago

Chales Dickens is one of the significant novelist of the Victorian Age. Most of his novels were published in the newspapers and magzines in the form of series or episodes. This is why each unit of any of his novels is a complete story in itself. Being born in middle class, his novels reflect the life style of his society.

His novels can be categorised intro:

**1. Comics

  1. Histories
  2. Sentimental Fictions
  3. Social Fictions**

    Following are the main features that make Charles Dickens as one of the prominent novelist of his time.

  4. Autobiogrpahical Nature; Most of his novels like "Great Expectations", "A Tale of Two Cities", "Oliver Twist" have ample of autobiographical elements that reflect the life history of the novelist.

  5. Adventure: Adventure is of the primary feature of most of his novels. e.g. In Great Expectations, Pip leads an adventurous life. A number of situations arise a sense of fear, excitement and compassion among the audience and readers.

  6. Humour: Comic elements are present in most of his plays. His first novel Pickwick Papers is considered to be the one of the best humourous novels in English Language.

  7. Satire: The social novels of Charles Dickens have satirical elements. These novels depict the real picture of Victorian society and also the influence of industrial revolution.