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Describe Macbeth as a tragedy of ambition. 1Alex Shelley Staff asked 5 months ago
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Describe Macbeth as a tragedy of ambition. 2Zeeshan Ali answered 4 months ago

Macbeth is a tale of how lust for kingship can cloud people’s better judgment and wits. In the drama, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are not satisfied with their legitimate success and commit murder, tyranny and torture in order to realize their limitless ambition. Trying to fulfill a supernatural prophecy they indulge in corruption, deceit and bloodshed with leads to their tragic ends. Lady Macbeth commits suicide in a fit of insanity and Macbeth is beheaded on the battlefield by the son of the man he killed to save his kingship. The tale highlights how unchecked greed leads people on a path to pain, sadness and utter destruction.