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  1. The poet comes to no conclusion ; he speculates like we all do when we see it hear something that moved us , and the greatness of the poem lies in its word painting of feelings most of us experience. What we cannot unravel fascinates us , not just in poetry but in science and the vast field nature presents to us.
    There is a sorrowful quality about the whole incident that strikes him deeply , how different it is from the performing singer who woos the audience , loneliness speaks to loneliness across the ages and plucks at the strings of the heart.

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  2. There is a sense in which we are all pawns thrown down into circumstances that shape our lives. Hamlet , the potential king , is no exception , he is faced with his father’s murder and his mother’s fickleness so it is no surprise he is driven to instability and some have suggested madness.
    He attempts to set things right , something we all try to do in our own way , and of course he is doomed to failure. No man can straighten the world out and in the end as he is dying he begs Horatio to explain his stumbling motives of his actions.

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  3. Macbeth is essentially a moral man with ambition but his wife and the witches are totally immoral and will stop at nothing to get their way. In the play he feels like a pawn struggling to be free and that closely reflects how many feel when confronted with the temptations of life. Lady Macbeth is psychopathic and without remorse she has no conscience and interestingly the Robert Hare who has been dealing with such people all his working life believes the population contains about 1% of psychopaths.

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  4. Both men are valiant and brave fighters but Macbeth is at a grave disadvantage in having a psychopathic wife who will stop at nothing to get her way , so his moral nature is swamped and he falls completely from grace. None of us know just how much temptation we can bear without breakdown.

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  5. It points out the struggle of life in terms of a journey we must all make.
    The journey can never be free of worry or responsibility although we will have oasises
    to refresh us when things become too much to bear.
    The beauty of the poem is we are never alone in our struggles and as we look around we see others making their way through life overcoming similar circumstances .
    In the end we will find rest , and interestingly it could be a religious entry into heaven or just a peaceful cessation of life’s struggles.

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