How to politely ask your boss to pay you?

How to politely ask your boss to pay you?

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    If you are in a job that has no fixed salary, and you have a relationship with your boss where you can talk about money, it’s best to approach the topic in a friendly, non-confrontational manner. This may be easier if you’re already close with your boss, or if you’re a new hire. Here’s how to ask for a raise, or negotiate your salary:

    * “Hey, I’m really happy with what I’m making right now. I’ve been working hard and getting great feedback, but I think I could do better with a raise.”

    *”I’d like to discuss my salary in more detail. We haven’t talked about compensation for a while, and I think it’s time we did.”

    If you’re already making less than you think you’re worth, or your boss is unwilling to negotiate your salary, you may want to start looking for a new job.

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