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how does the atmosphere suddenly change in the darkling thrush?

how does the atmosphere suddenly change in the darkling thrush?

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    The atmosphere suddenly changes in the poem when the speaker hears the voice of a thrush from “among the bleak twigs overhead.” He sees a small frail thrush, beaten by the cold winter, singing a song which is not any ordinary song but “a full-hearted evensong of joy illimited.” He realizes that a small bird like the thrush has found some blessed Hope and chooses to spread that through its song amidst all the gloom and despair. The speaker realizes he, too, has to go on a quest to find this Hope instead of sulking and being sad.

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  2. The note of bleakness and greyness was abruptly broken by a joyous bird song that seemed to rise from the bleak twigs overhead. It seemed as if an aged thrush which is described as “frail, gaunt and small” with blast- beruffled plume” had chosen to fling its soul into the enveloping darkness as it sang in full throated song with unlimited joy. A special note comes in with the use of the word ‘evensong which reminds us of the vespers. The use of this word seems particularly meaningful when one remembers the spiritual and intellectual bleakness and insecurity felt by the thinkers of the age. The use of ‘evensong seems an affirmation of the role of faith and religion. Since the ‘aged thrush’ with ‘blast-beruffled plume’ flings its soul upon the encircling gloom, the atmosphere seems to lighten and lose some of its bleakness.

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