How does Rain on the Roof depict human emotions?

How does Rain on the Roof depict human emotions?

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  1. Rain has a significant effect on the emotions of the poet (who is of course a human). In the first stanza of the poem, the poet says that melancholy darkness gently weeps in rainy tears. Here the falling of rain droplets is considered as weeping of rain because of sorrow.

    In the next line, the poet feel bliss (joy and happiness) in this weeping of rain. Hence there is a juxtaposition of two emotions (sorrow and joy). This can be understood by going through the final stanza.

    Sweet memories of his mother flash upon his mind. He begins to feel that same love and warmth and becomes happy. However he feels sad as his mother is no more. Thus the poem Rain on the Roof depicts human emotions which are contrasting but are a part and parcel of of life.

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