How do you write a summary in English?

How do you write a summary in English?

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    The following is a step-by-step guide to writing a summary in English:

    1. Read the text more than once: For a thorough understanding of the whole context, read the text more than once. It is important to pay more attention to the introduction paragraph in order to better understand the author’s tone of writing. 
    2. Separate the text into sections: You can summarize the whole context better if you break it down into sections. The importance of each section becomes clearer when you break the paper down into sections.
    3. Identify the key points: Now that you’ve broken the text, find the most important sentences and make sure that it doesn’t change the actual meaning. Remember to leave all the examples, evaluations, and personal opinions out. 
    4. Start writing the summary in your own words: As soon as you have extracted the key points from the whole text, begin writing the summary. Write what you understand, rather than copying or paraphrasing the original text.
    5. Finalize your Summary: The last step is to read your summary to ensure you have accurately summarized the original text. Make sure you have not missed any important points, as this may change the perspective of the author. A summary generator can be used to compare your summary to the machine-generated summary.

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