Explain the symbolism used in the poem Fire and Ice ?

Explain the symbolism used in the poem Fire and Ice ?

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  1. Robert Frost is famous for his ability to juxtapose nature with human emotions and finally draw out moral. The poem Fire and Ice is also symbolic. In this poem, the poet says that the most dangerous things which could destroy the world are fire and ice.

    However the fire here, symbolises desire and greed and ice symbolises hate and coldness of relations. According to the poet, both these evils would destroy the humanity because greed leads a person to commit blunders and so does the hate.

    Read summary of this poem.


  2. The Robert frost was poet he described about fire and ice was very dengrouse of earth fire was burned every think and ice coldness therented man are control both these

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    The poet has used two images from Nature. They are the fire and the ice. These images respectively symbolise aggressiveness and coldness in human relationships. Both are equally dangerous. The feeling of anger, hatred and intolerance are symbolised by fire whereas ice symbolises coldness and lack of communication which equally harms relations and causes destruction.

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