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Discuss any two war poets of your choice

Discuss any two war poets of your choice

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  1. Two war poets are Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.

    1. Wilfred Owen was an English war poet. He contributed to the war effort by writing poems criticizing the war and the conditions of it. He joined the army in 1915 and was seriously wounded in 1917. His poetry was published after his death.
    2. Siegfried Sassoon (1886 – 1967) was an English writer, soldier and poet. He was born in a wealthy family in the town of Matfield in Kent. He was a volunteer in the Royal Army in 1907 and was initiated as a soldier in 1908. He was promoted to second lieutenant in 1910. In the same year, he was injured in the Dardanelles during his service in the British Army. In 1918, Sassoon left the army. He was awarded a medal for his bravery in the war. His poetry is a very strong anti-war statement.

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